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About me

I paint intuitively with porcelain clay in its liquid form, slip, reimagining this traditional material into wafer thin strata of beauty, delicacy and strength.  Working intuitively and meditatively, I layer these to create a canvas of pattern, contrast and harmony.


I add pigments by hand to liquid clay, experimenting methodically to create the fluid palette of indistinguishable colour gradients that often feature in my work. Firing the clay itself is important tool - the extreme temperatures inside the kiln creates unpredictable moves and shifts. Embracing this dynamism, my pieces capture a moment in time from the firing. Each outcome is a balance of design and chance, capturing freedom and individuality. 

The luminosity and palette of the sky inspires me - whether a passing moment of sunlight hitting an object or a more detailed study at dusk or dawn. It could be a colour combination, or a quality of light. I keep my eyes open to discover and absorb the things that surround me.  Light also creates intimacy in my pieces - torn uneven edges of porcelain catch the light and are illuminated, while simultaneously casting shadow to the layer behind.  This play of light draws the eye, directing it from one layer to the next.


My reference points are diverse ones, united by materiality and process – a Peter Collingwood weave, traditional dye techniques such as Shibori, architecture and the seeming simplicity of Japanese aesthetic.  I sense the humility of materials. To work with clay and take a wet, malleable material from the earth, fire it and create something permanent in ceramic is a privilege. 


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Sara Dodd is an award winning ceramic artist living and working in London. She is a graduate of Cardiff Metropolitan University (2013) after which she held an assistant position with Katharine Morling.


Her artwork ‘Swell’ was exhibited at the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition (2017) where it enjoyed a highly successful run and went on to be featured in Elle Decoration (2019). She received an honourable mention at the International KOGEI Crafts Awards, Japan (2021), and her ‘Monochrome Maquette' was awarded with a 3D Art Prize at the Wales Contemporary Open (2022). 


In 2021 Sara joined the Craft Potters Association (CPA) and Contemporary Applied Arts (CAA), in recognition of the high quality of her craftsmanship. In 2022 she was invited to join the ranks of Homo Faber, a collection of the best artisans and makers from across Europe where she was labelled a 'Rising Star’ representing the future of craftsmanship with her novel take. 

In 2022 Sara received the Rosalind Stracey Ceramics Award from Cockpit Arts and moved her studio to Deptford, South East London. Her work is exhibited regularly across the UK as well as internationally in Europe, USA and the Middle East. 

The opportunity to discuss new projects is welcome and Sara enjoys working with designers and architects to fulfil a brief. Get in touch to discuss a possible project so that she can consider specifications, lead-times and budget for a proposal. 

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Group Exhibitions

Edinburgh Art Fair, Cube Gallery, November, 2023

Summer Exhibition, Guildford Arts, July 2023

Art Untamed x Decara Home, June, 2023

Holborn Open Studios, Cockpit Arts, June 2023

Open Studios, Petr Weigl Studios, November 2022

Surface, Edge, Shadow, Gallery 57, October, 2022

Blue, Gallery 57, July 2022

New Members, Contemporary Ceramics, February 2022

White Coco, Art Untamed, September 2021

Gaze, Gallery 57, May 2021

Winter Exhibition, Thrown Contemporary, January 2021

Collect, Somerset House, London, 2020

London Art Fair, London, January 2020

Context Miami, Cube Gallery, Miami, December 2019
Art, Form and Function, London, Joanna Bird, November 2019
Affordable Art Fair, Cube Gallery, New York, September 2019
Collect, Saatchi Gallery, London, February 2019
London Art Fair, London, January, 2019
Affordable Art Fair NY, New York, USA, March, 2018
Affordable Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium, March 2018
Collect, Saatchi Gallery, London, February 2018
Introducing New Artists, Cube Gallery, London, January 2018
Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy, London, June to August 2017
Collect, Saatchi Gallery, London, February 2017
ING Discerning Eye Exhibition, London, November 2016
Decorex International 2016, Joanna Bird, London, September 2016
Pavilion Open, Penarth Pier Pavilion, Cardiff, June 2016
The New York Ceramics and Glass Fair with Joanna Bird, NY,  USA, January 2016
Merchants and Makers, Joanna Bird Contemporary Collections, London, December 2015
Pavilion Open, Penarth Pier Pavilion, Cardiff, May 2015
Inspired by Soane, I found this and thought of you.., Sir John Soane’s Museum, London, May 2015
Heat and Dust, Joanna Bird Contemporary Collections, London, November 2014
Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy, London, June to August 2014
Art in Clay, Hatfield, July 2013
New Designers, Business Design Centre, London, June 2013
What We’ve Made, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Cardiff, June 2013
Viewing Screens, image displayed, Saatchi Gallery, London, May 2013



Contemporary Ceramics, London UK

Contemporary Applied Arts, London UK

GBS Fine Art, Somerset UK

Represented by

Artelier, Bristol UK

Exceptional Agency, London UK

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